#456 Migrate pagure to 5.13.x on RHEL 8
Opened 8 months ago by arrfab. Modified 3 days ago

Discussed during last Infra meeting , we'll need to investigate what needs to be adapted to migrate from pagure 5.8 on centos 7 to pagure 5.13 on RHEL8.

Identified so far :

  • ansible pagure role itself
  • rebuild packages in infra tags
  • testing that we can deploy a fresh instance
  • migrating an existing one (git.dev.centos.org)

From that point, :

  • engage with Red Hat EXD/RCM to schedule a maintenance window for git.stg.centos.org and migrate it.
  • wait for feedback
  • if all working fine, schedule a maintenance window to migrate git.centos.org (and announce it)

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8 months ago

All packages are now built through cbs and in candidate tag (https://cbs.centos.org/koji/packages?tagID=2448)
We can now start working on the ansible role itself and test on a dev instance

Role is working now in dev but trying to restore a DB dump and upgrade schema fails in pagure, probably not tested.
Here is the issue reported to pagure project : https://pagure.io/pagure/issue/5219

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8 months ago

Actually blocked because of no fix for the upstream pagure issue and so let's investigate this when we'll have time to work with @ngompa on this

Removing myself from this until we have an upstream fix and then we'll revisit that later

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7 months ago

[backlog refinement]: Still waiting till https://pagure.io/pagure/issue/5219 will be fixed

@zlopez will try to look at the issue upstream

@zlopez and I worked through fixing this upstream, so can we do this now?

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2 months ago

[backlog refinement] After some discussions in our call, we think that we'd be able to start investigating this in May. Per initial ticket comment, we'll have to engage with RH to validate it before really migrating production instance

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24 days ago

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18 days ago

Current status : I worked on ansible pagure role and pushed some commits to support el8/pagure 5.13.x
I then migrated https://git.dev.centos.org to rhel8/pagure 5.13.x and just tested this :

  • push to a branch based on group membership : works
  • uploaded to lookaside (converted cgi scripts) : works
  • mqtt notifications on git commits/hooks : works

If people want to just have a look they can, but it's using stg env, (so accounts.stg.centos.org credentials and same for needed TLS certs)

Depending on time, I'd like to start evaluating migrating then https://git.stg.centos.org to ask both SIGs and Red Hat RCM/EXD team to validate that it all works fine before we can consider scheduling the git.centos.org migration itself

Status update : we've started discussion with Red Hat RCM/EXD team to start planning the git.stg.centos.org reinstall for validation and then scheduling/announcing the git.centos.org migration (after they'll have fully tested at their side)

Status update : git.stg.centos.org is now running pagure 5.13 and so mail was sent to centos-devel to ask for feedback and in parallel internal ticket was also created to ask Red Hat RCM/EXD validation on that instance

updating to blocked as we have now to wait for green light to go to next step and schedule the maintenance window for git.centos.org migration.

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10 days ago

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10 days ago

I've just tried this now, two issues I've noticed:
- the default branch seems to be set to c7, as shown when trying to open PRs or when pushing commits:

remote: Create a pull-request for c8s-sig-hyperscale
remote:    https://git.stg.centos.org/rpms/systemd/diff/c7..c8s-sig-hyperscale

@dcavalca : we now have pagure-dist-git-1.12-1.el8.noarch but don't know if that's a config missing or something else : can you just verify that even with that version you still have the issue ?

Deferring now to @ngompa and @pingou if they have idea about what can be missing to have pagure ui using same logic as for the ssh pushes for the automatic acl filter

@dcavalca , @ngompa :

Had a small discussion with @pingou this morning (thanks again !) and it seems that collaborator feature work in pagure was never fully implemented, so upstream issue explaining the error was filed.

In parallel though, it seems that having "commit" right on a project would let you merge (tested) as in the back it would still verify through pagure-dist-git that one is authorized to merge or not (when trying to do it). So can you verify that you can merge that PR ? I manually added sig-hyperscale as group with commit right

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