#288 Add a text file with names to ping before meetings
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+ # List of people to ping before the atomic-wg meetings

+ # tail -n +4 meeting-people.txt | tr '\n' ' ' && echo -e '\natomic meeting in #fedora-meeting-1' && echo "If you don't want to be pinged remove your name from this file: https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/blob/master/f/meeting-people.txt"


+ adimania

+ bowlofeggs

+ deuscapturus

+ DimGR

+ dustymabe

+ gholms

+ imcleod

+ jberkus

+ jbrooks

+ jdoss

+ jsmith

+ jzb

+ ksinny

+ kushal

+ maxamillion

+ miabbot

+ nzwulfin

+ roshi

+ rtnpro

+ sayan

+ scollier

+ strigazi

+ suiwenfeng

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@adimania @bowlofeggs @DimGR @dustymabe @gholms @imcleod @jberkus @jbrooks @jdoss @jsmith @jzb @kushal @maxamillion @nzwulfin @roshi @rtnpro @sayan @scollier @strigazi

please let me know if you want to be removed from this list - it's an older list so some of you will likely want to be removed.

for those that have IRC nicks different than FAS account: @dimtheo @jasonbrooks @mmicene @sayanchowdhury

Add me as well - IRC nick ( ksinny) and FAS account ( @sinnykumari )

Is there a page for the meeting? Time? weekly or bi-weekly?

Is there a page for the meeting? Time? weekly or bi-weekly?

you can check out our entry in the fedora calendar https://apps.fedoraproject.org/calendar/cloud/
we also have https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Cloud#Meetings

Please add me deuscapturus


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