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Take a look at http://origin.openshift.com/commons

I brought up joining this to the board, and got the reasonable response of "have you gotten the Cloud SIG committed to actually doing the participation asked for?"

I've talked to a couple of people and I think there's sufficient interest, but it seemed reasonable to ask formally if this is something we're interested in. The actual formal requirements seem to be low:

OpenShift Commons is open to anyone. We have no Contributor License Agreement (CLA) or required donation to join. Instead we take each organization at their word to be active participants in forums, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), mailing lists and events.

and I think it'd be great to have Fedora officially involved in that way. What do you all think?

That's something I'm willing to consider but I need more informations on what is expected from us.
Get to talk to pythondj before.

Yeah, I'd be interested, both on the Fedora and Atomic fronts. I've sent a note to pythondj about Atomic as well.

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