#78 Draft charter change, new slate (Cloud WG members vote needed!)
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Joe has prepared a draft change to the charter https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/cloud/2014-October/004372.html making it easier to select new members.

Additionally, I've proposed a new WG membership slate based on current activity:

By the existing rules, both of these need 5 +1 votes from existing members of the WG to pass. That is, the people listed https://fedoraproject.org/w/index.php?title=Cloud/Governance&oldid=368062#Current_Members — so, current members, please vote on each.

If we can't reach quorum in a week, I'll take this to FESCo for "override approval", but I hope that won't be necessary.

I am +1 / +1 — for both proposals. Note that this removes me from the WG, but I will still be active in the SIG (in a blissfully less responsible way).

+1 for both proposals
Btw Andy Grimm officially replaced Sandro un the current WG.

Just in case you still need my votes (but I agree with hguemar), +1 to both.

Also, the second link in the OP should not be identical to the first one but instead point here:

Closing this ticket as part of trac clean up process. If you want to reopen, please reopen it after we move to pagure.io as atomic-wg.

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