#75 Article for Fedora Magazine on "state of cloud SIG/product" for beta release
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What it says on the tin - putting in a tracker ticket to work on this and get it ready for the alpha release. Should go out simultaneously with the alpha or maybe staggered by a day or two to keep interest high.

Sent to mailing list.

It's well written, but few remarks

  1. first alpha is redundant, the next milestone will be beta :)
  2. about the Atomic section, I would stress the trusted OS part, you already describe it nicely with rpm-ostree. I would also point out SELinux integration and the work in progress to secure containers usage, that's one of our strong point against our "contenders".
  3. I don't mind being directly poked, but since we may change the WG composition, I suggest that we redirect people directly to the Cloud SIG. Besides the list is largely outdated, Mattias and Sandro have officially resigned and Andy our latest member isn't listed.
  4. instead of "helping find bugs and problems.", I would prefer a more positive wording and suggesting that people actually help us to solve bugs :)

Looks great to me! One really minor thing, I'd list OpenStack before AWS, in keeping with the FOSS emphasis.


I also think we discussed in the meeting that we wanted some sort of mentioning of how to "get in" to the image for the first time (i.e. using cloud-init/virt-sysprep to embed ssh key or set root password).

Looks good!


Thanks all for the feedback. Will try to incorporate today + send to the list.

Due to bash bug and other issues, moving this to beta release.

Aiming for Tuesday 11 November to promote Test Day and waiting for the missing images issue to be resolved.

Has been posted (Yay!) so closing ticket.

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