#68 support HVM instances in EC2
Closed None Opened 8 years ago by mattdm.

We currently only support Xen paravirtualized images (PV) in EC2. We need to support HVM as well.

(This will require changes to our EC2 image production and upload process, and may require changes to our bootloader code as well. Particularly, it probably takes away our clever hack for providing different kernel parameters in EC2.)

I got curious about this, so I registered and booted the latest rawhide image. as HVM. It worked, but as you suspected, there was no console output.

Is there any plan for producing HVM AMIs instead of, or in addition to, paravirtualized images?

Amazon recommends HVM over paravirtualization.

Also only having paravirtualized images rules out the use of the t2.* instance types - including t2.micro, the cheapest there is...

As per the email I just sent out1, there are now public AMIs for the official F21 cloud base image for ''both'' HVM and PV. Previously, only Atomic AMIs were available in HVM (they require it). Fedimg will now automatically register AMIs for both formats. Good to close this, or should we wait until someone puts the new AMI IDs on the official site?

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