#60 Enable serial console for bootloader
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The bootloader of the current cloud images is not attached to a serial console.

Please change this, so we can also follow the bootloader part on the serial console, i.e. for test automation.

It should be. We have "console=tty1 console=ttyS0,115200n8" for extlinux (real boot) and "console=hvc0" for pvgrub. And I can verify that we do get log output in both Amazon EC2 and OpenStack.

What is your environment?

I think he is talking about having the extlinux output on the serial console. that is not enabled

Yep, as ausil said, I'm talking about extlinux (the bootloader :) ).

I tested using qemu -kvm -snapshot -hda $IMG -serial stdio

The bootloader output is missing, as soon as the kernel starts output appears (which matches what you said in comment 1, mattdm).

Please see this post for more details:

Ah, got it. Right now, image building in koji is broken entirely, but once that's fixed we can add this -- I guess to both pvgrub and extlinux.

Also, the automated testing is awesome -- thanks for working on that!

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