#54 define shell command API available in Fedora Atomic
Closed None Opened 8 years ago by mattdm.

This is a list of shell commands (or at least the packages which contain them) which are expected to work in a cloud metadata userscript at initial Fedora Atomic launch. We should maintain this list and note changes in the release notes, have a deprecation procedure, and so on.

The initial goal for Fedora Atomic is to be as small as reasonably possible, including removing Python (and, not including python and yum/dnf on the list). For an image with more options initially, we have the "less edgy" Fedora Cloud Base Image.

A ticket is good to work on an initial list and maybe discuss further changes later on, but shouldn't the actual maintained list better be kept in a wiki? :)

Closing this ticket as part of trac clean up process. If you want to reopen, please reopen it after we move to pagure.io as atomic-wg.

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