#518 cloud-init user-data seems not to work!?
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I am not 101% certain of where to post this, but this seems the most corresponding place I found.
How to reproduce:
- download a cloud image from https://mirror.netcologne.de/fedora/linux/releases/30/Cloud/x86_64/images/ - I took the .vmdk
- make a new VirtualMachine with this as disk
- create a cloud-init iso with meta-data and user-data in cidata volume (iso image) and attach to VM (this is also referred to as no-cloud data source in cloud-init)
- start VM: meta-data is executed, user-data is not executed.
Expected result:
- user-data is also executed

The very same .iso with user-data gets executed when attached to a CentOS cloud VM made from this (https://cloud.centos.org/centos/7/images/CentOS-7-x86_64-GenericCloud-1907.qcow2.xz) for example.
I tried with user-data in form of cloud-config (beginning with #cloud-config) and as shell script (beginning with #!/bin/sh) but I didn't get it to work.

What did I miss, is there specific documentation for this or is it a bug?

hey @mmoole https://pagure.io/cloud-sig/issues is probably the right place to file this.

What you're doing should work. If you want to compare what you're doing to what I do then you can look at this script: https://github.com/dustymabe/virtscripts/blob/master/virt-import.sh

i'm going to close this since it's not an atomic host issue. Feel free to continue the discussion here if you like.

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10 months ago

Hi @dustymabe , many thank for pointing to that direction!
Eventually I just found out that the problem was caused by umlauts in comments in the script: when removing them, it is being executed.
So now I suspect cloud-init itself to be most close to the problem - which at first I didn't think of because it works perfectly with the CentOS cloud images...

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