#49 Spins Process for Cloud Images
Closed None Opened 7 years ago by red.

So, according to ausil, we're supposed to follow the standard Spin Process to create additional cloud products. Are we okay with that or do we want to cause some ruckus? :) It seems the process is also used by e.g. the (kinda special) ARM images, etc.

For reference:

I guess we can go forward with it and raise a ruckus if we hit problems. Mostly, it looks like we shouldn't have any. I don't think the guidelines all apply exactly, though -- we don't want these on the 'spins' download page, as that will just confuse people.

I guess we should ask Christoph, as spins wrangler, what he thinks.

You know, this has one huge advantage. I keep accidentally referring to our cloud image variants as "spins". Making them actually spins would remove the need to come up with a new term. :)

Discussed at our meeting today and we do agreed to go with the spins process as proposed. Figure we'll notice how well that works for images (for which it wasn't originally intended) as we move forward. jzb will open separate tickets for each planned image to follow the process.

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