#47 Crucial basic Docket Host Image decisions
Closed None Opened 7 years ago by red.

Originally brought up in ticket #19, there's a few basic but crucial decisions to be made regarding the Fedora Docket Host Image. Therefore, I'm proposing the following set of decisions for the next meeting:

  • Whether to use (rpm-)ostree (aka Fedora Atomic Initiative)
  • Whether to remove yum/dnf (if going with ostree)
  • Whether to replace cloud-init by coreos' cloud-init or min-metadata-service
  • Whether to kick out python (if we decided against yum/dnf and cloud-init)

Some of these decisions also benefit or contradict decisions to be made in ticket #46.

Okay, so through the acceptance of the main point of ticket #46 last week, we go with rpm-ostree. For reference, part of this decision is also, that the Docker Host Image is not the Atomic Image.

At today's meeting, we further decided (let me stress again, that is goes only for the Atomic Image):
- To ship without yum/dnf
- Try to have min-metadata-service work by/in F21 Alpha but fall back to cloud-init before Beta if that doesn't work.
- Ship without python, if we ship without min-metadata-service.

In other words: all was accepted, with some reservation.

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