#45 need three packages added to the fedora21 cloud iamge
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We need os-collect-config, os-apply-config, and os-refresh-config added to the Fedora cloud images for both OpenStack Heat and OpenStack TripleO. These agents are used for new features or basic functionality in the case of TripleO.

These are based on Python3 and import the Python3 runtime when installed.
First package: 29 MB
(most of the 29MB is the python3 runtime)

Second package: 21 MB

Third package: 22KB

sdake, can you please provide a rationale for your request? Particularly TripleO doesn't seem to make sense in our case as we make cloud images for cattle and running OpenStack on top of OpenStack sounds a lot like pets to me. An additional 60MB is just huge, particularly if you want this in all images rather than a distinct TripleO-tailored one (that is not planned as of now).

Skipping for a moment the TripleO case, Heat requires these guest agents to support Software Configuration. This is essentially a way for OpenStack to integrate with existing configuration management systems like puppet and chef.

TripleO may be able to create their own images with diskimage-builder, and that may be a natural part of how TripleO works, so it may not be necessary for the tripleO case.

Also its more accurately 51mb not 60mb.


TripleO builds its own images using diskimage-builder and the Fedora cloud image as input. So, it's more accurate to say TripleO modifies existing images before deploying them to baremetal. TripleO doesn't really need these packages on the cloud image since it can install what it needs during the image build process.

Discussed this in the most recent Fedora Cloud meeting. We're not definitely saying "no," but currently we need a better case for inclusion at this time. Can we get some more info on why this should be in the default image?

We have the standing IRC meeting tomorrow, wondering if we still wanted to consider this or if I should close it out for now. Thanks!

No response, so I'm closing this for now. If necessary we can reopen.

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