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Please everyone comment on this if you either:

  1. are submitting to DevConf.us but don't know what to talk about
  2. already submitted to DevConf.us but don't want others to see what you submitted yet
  3. already submitted and want others to see the abstract
  4. know someone who fits into 1.-3. but doesn't know about this ticket here

I'll approach you individually afterwards and have a link with gathered information ready for those who are participating - if you wanna give a talk but need help submitting, message me.

Important Dates

  • CfP Closes: April 3, 2018
  • Accepted speakers confirmation: May 16, 2018
  • Schedule published: June 18, 2018

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I submitted my same abstract as https://devconfcz2018.sched.com/event/DJYV/hybrid-imagepackage-os-updates-with-rpm-ostree but am going to have a lot less babbling for 7 minutes at the start, and do a deeper dive into the technical bits. Also requested an hour this time.

Added important dates to the ticket.

I'll look around for somebody to give an Atomic Workstation presentation

I'll give this ticket some more time but bumping it for now - who wants to submit a talk/workshop to DevConf.us?

Closing as this doesn't work well via ticket.

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Closing as this doesn't work well via ticket.

What way works better?

I'd like to run the atomic host lab again (this time better promotion and a better room should help). Also a mini session (25 min) where we go over atomic host and the features would be great I think. I can do both of these.. Also Atomic BOF?

Should I add these to the description as talks we've submitted (once I've submitted them, of course).

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3 years ago

I will be submitting but have not chosen a specific talk yet.

Topic Idea: Ansible Playbook Bundle (APB) Development.
I might submit a talk myself, but if you beat me to it, take it away! :)

I belong to # 1: are submitting to DevConf.us but don't know what to talk about. (/me wanted to submit a talk :) )

@sanja could we help @rubaoredhat find a topic?

Also @miabbott and @mnguyen - a possible good topic for a talk would be "Using Fedora Standard Test Interface with Atomic Host Tests, A Case Study".. Thoughts?

@dustymabe it would probably be useful if we actually started using the STI before submitting a talk about it... :grin:

@dustymabe it would probably be useful if we actually started using the STI before submitting a talk about it... 😁

It's called Just In Time presentation :smile: . If the work fell through you could pull the talk.

Seems we got good topics - please don't forget to actually submit them.

Ideally, you can update the ticket description to include your submission once it's done. Then you also know whom to say hi to and maybe coordinate if need be on site. Plus it's nice to meet in person.

@rubaoredhat As talk topic, how about "Atomic Cheat Sheet - Commands to Make Your Container Life Easier" or "Use Cases For Atomic Rollbacks - Where's Waldo?"

Both talks would involve showing off Atomic Host and/or Workstation, talk about them and demonstrate how to use them. In the second one you could explain some use cases, give the use cases names and then show how they'd go about a work day where X fails and they gotta fix it or they got a specific problem to solve in their workflow (using containers).

Another good idea to talk about is Buildah and OCI containers in general.

Basically, if anyone needs me for talk titles and abstracts, I'm here to help. As long as you give the actual talk, I can help you write up talk submissions if you tell me your expertise and what topics you'd like to talk about. I'll send you the abstract and suggested talk title or glance over the abstract you're submitting. This is valid for everyone in this project wherever they work, students, just in general interested people.

I've been submitting talks and giving them (unless someone else volunteered to hold them cough special thanks to @walters and @langdon cough) for years. If you're too shy to speak in front of an audience, the best remedy is to jump right in.

If your company does not pay for you, I might be able to help you out with travel and accommodation. Come get your 30 minutes of fame (or more if you hold a workshop), submit two talks for the price of one annoyance of having to file travel expenses.

I put this sentence down when I saw the title @sanja suggested in slack. @smilner also tagged in there.

Container Linux and Atomic side by side
Let’s talk about the Red Hat’s desire to work with both communities to create the best solution for immutable infrastructure and and the many ways we all want to use it.

@jligon :thumbsup: If you'd like you, someone from Container Linux, and I could both do this talk and speak to:
- Working with both communities
- Technical differences we identified
- Some of the ways we are looking at combining technology

I submitted the following proposals today:

  • Misusing Ansible as an Integration Test Framework
  • QE is Dead: Why Quality is Everyone's Job
  • Building a Pirate OSTree Mirror with Containers

@umohnan and I are submitting a workshop proposal today with the following title:

Container Security: So Many Options, Use Them All!

  • container security with a focus on using podman, buildah, and skopeo tools.
  • hands on exercises with registry configuration, SELinux, capabilities, SECCOMP profiles, image inspection, scanning, and signing

I just submitted the following talks:

  • Atomic Host/Container Linux 101 Lab
  • Atomic/Container Linux BOF
  • ICYMI: The (Container) OS Revolution - A talk about Atomic Host/CL features and lineage.

Jeff, Alex, and I submitted Container Linux and Atomic Host Side by Side

With @giuseppep and @sanja 's help, I submitted the talk "Atomic Cheat Sheet - Making Container Life Easier" few days ago. :)

I submitted two talks:

  • Introducing Fedora IoT: Atomic Host Upgrade Daemon (this depends on me getting into @pbrobinson's Fedora IoT GSoC project. Will be announced April 23)
  • Service Bundles - Multi-Service Apps for K8s (builds on @mhrivnak's "Orchestrating Multi-service Applications on Kubernetes" talk)

In case of acceptance, I will require reimbursement of travel expenses (flight from Germany).

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3 years ago

@lorbus Great, thanks for submitting and let me know as soon as you have more information so we can make sure you get those reimbursed asap.

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