#419 lua in glibc rpm breaks package layering in rawhide
Closed: Fixed 3 years ago Opened 3 years ago by dustymabe.

@pwhalen reported an issue when trying to upgrade a rawhide system that has package layering:

[root@rpiii ~]# rpm-ostree upgrade
1 metadata, 0 content objects fetched; 569 B transferred in 1 seconds
Checking out tree 25b4bbe... done
Enabled rpm-md repositories: rawhide
rpm-md repo 'rawhide' (cached); generated: 2018-02-04 09:02:29

Importing metadata [=============] 100%
Resolving dependencies... done
Applying 9 overlays

Building filesystem (9/9) [=============] 100%
Running pre scripts... [ 2074.161675] fuse init (API version 7.26)
1 done
Running post scripts... error: Executing %transfiletriggerin for glibc: Package 'glibc' has (currently) unsupported <lua> script in '%transfiletriggerin'

This is because glibc added a lua scriptlet which we currently don't support

We'll need to try to get that switched out so people can package layer in rawhide (and in f28).

Metadata Update from @dustymabe:
- Issue tagged with: host, rawhide

3 years ago

Added a comment to an open pull request that modifies this code. Let's see where the discussion goes: https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/glibc/pull-request/8#comment-4929


as discussed in the issue it appears the devs in glibc rpm PR discussed and ended up not using lua so we should be good as soon as glibc is rebuilt. Will leave this open until rawhide looks good again.

glibc is rebuilt and this is no longer a problem in rawhide (glibc-2.27-3.fc28.x86_64 + )

Metadata Update from @dustymabe:
- Issue close_status updated to: Fixed
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

3 years ago

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