#418 Design Meetings over Video
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An idea that @dustymabe had was to start having design meetings via video (like Hangouts/BJN/etc..) to help speed up design discussions. We traditionally either had these discussions over long issue threads or IRC conversations. Would it be worth having a time/location that we could get community members together to discuss deeper design items together in public?

​​Following the Kubernetes / CNCF model of using Zoom (at around 18:00 GMT) with recordings uploaded to Youtube seems to have worked well.

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3 years ago

one possible topic:

12:16:50      walters | we also have a whole new interesting problem set in the crossover/relationship between FA{H,W} and Fedora {Server,Workstation} and Modularity

add Fedora IoT to that mix. @pbrobinson

FWIW We've had pretty decent results in the Council using open-source https://meet.jit.si (and also streaming from there to youtube)

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We had a productive VFAD later on - https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issue/429 .
Do we want to have more discussion on getting something planned periodically (once in a month or once in 3 months, ..) to have meeting over video?

I think we can close this ticket for now and re-open new ones for new VFADs.

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