#4 new release criteria for post-f20 cloud image
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Right now, the only release criteria we have are 'does it boot and can you run yum install in EC2 and OpenStack'. We clearly need more -- ideally, with automated testing.

Here is one thing we need covered: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=990910 -- this should be

  1. package installation via cloud-init succeeds
  2. package_update: true / package_upgrade: true should work

Another one is image size.

  1. Base image qcow2 size not over 250MB ← or some number
  2. On-disk / not over 600MB at first boot ← ditto

Basic httpd test:

  1. launch image with httpd-allowed security group
  2. cloud-init script automates:
    a. install httpd
    b. put some static content with known string into place
    c. start httpd
  3. test that known string is accessible via http

IMHO, this really goes hand-in-hand with ticket #41 (proven by comment 3) so taking this, too.

Also, since Fedora has separate Alpha, Beta AND Final release criteria, I'm going to change the milestone accordingly. There might or might not be any Alpha/Beta criteria but it's easier to postpone to a later milestone than the other way around.

roshi has actually also taken over this ticket together with ticket #41.

I'd like to add "libX11 not pulled in by some dep" as a warning flag, although not necessarily a blocker. (I'd like to test for that so we can react when it happens, which it seems to be inevitable in each release cycle.)

I've created a wiki page with a list of things to test for. It still needs a lot of work, but it's a start.


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