#389 Need links to alternate architectures on getfedora

Created 5 months ago by jberkus
Modified 24 days ago

Currently, https://getfedora.org/en/atomic/download/ has no links to ARM or PPC images of any kind. We need to add these in some form.

5 months ago

Metadata Update from @dustymabe:
- Issue tagged with: multi-arch, websites

Summary of changes:

  • Bring Atomic ISO image over into main page rather than on the sidebar under "Other Downloads"
  • Create breakout clickable boxs that expand (like for vagrant) for the qcow2, raw.xz and ISO. These clickable boxes will allow the user to select which arch.
  • Possibly make the download "splash" screen give different options for the different arches for the "Validate" button.
24 days ago

Metadata Update from @dustymabe:
- Issue assigned to ryanlerch

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