#386 Provide updated examples for composing custom ostrees
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We've received requests/complaints from #atomic on Freenode about the lack of up to date documentation for composing custom ostrees.

I've been trying to build my own atomic repo using rpm-ostree for the past couple days.  
I'm using a Fedora 27 workstation to build a repo for Atomic Fedora 27.  
I've tried adapting multiple instructions found online (most of them very old).  
Do working instructions exist anywhere for Fedora 27 Atomic?

It seems like we could benefit from an updated version of @jasonbrooks blog post for Fedora 27:


And perhaps another edition that covers composing your own F27 Workstation ostree?

I think it could also be useful to cover the "compose into bare-user, pull-local to archive pattern" which can be used to compose trees

I will work on writing a post on "composing custom ostrees for Fedora 27 Atomic".

It will be a learning exercise for me while writing this post, so please bear with me if I ask some related questions :)

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4 years ago

I was able to successfully compose custom ostree and update running Fedora 27 Atomic Host system with custom ostree content. I have tried this on all supported arches (x86_64, ppc64le and aarch64) and it went well. Blogpost for same is in progress, will update projectatomic blog PR link once done.

Looks like everything is done. Closing this ticket.

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4 years ago

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