#38 Automatic Smoketests on Image Build
Closed None Opened 8 years ago by mattdm.

'''Summary:''' When a new image is built in Koji, automatically boot it and run a basic matrix of tests.

'''Importance:''' moderate (worst case, we can keep doing this by hand)

'''Timeframe:''' F21 alpha / Want to reduce manual test workload

'''Fedora Sub-Project/SIG:''' QA and the Taskotran project

'''Cloud SIG owner:''' Sandro Mathys


[21:52:22] <tflink> assuming that [ticket #35] happens, I think that how long it takes to be ready for cloud image checking depends on whether the current devs are doing the work or not
[21:52:54] <tflink> without any extra help, I think it somewhat unlikely that we'd be ready for cloud image checks before F21 alpha

So, we should either punt this to F22 (and tell tflink/kparal, so they can focus on others things for F21) or provide extra help (which we tried to find a few times already, and failed).

Putting this up for the meeting: Should we punt the automatic smoketests to F22 for good, considering both the taskotron devs and the cloud SIG still have enough other things on our plates?

Note that cloud-init tests are covered in https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/ticket/73 , so this ticket does not need to encompass cloud-init tests beyond the standard configuration (ssh host key output, authorized_keys setup, hostname setting)

Moving to F22 as decided in the meeting.

Closing this ticket as part of trac clean up process. If you want to reopen, please reopen it after we move to pagure.io as atomic-wg.

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