#376 Fedora version agnostic location for container images
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I'd like to refer to an image in the registry without referring to the Fedora version that it is based on, so that it will be easier to track if an image was updated and get always the latest version.

For example, it could be a new namespace "latest" or "current" that points to the latest "f[1-9][0-9]+" one, as:

registry.fedoraproject.org/latest -> registry.fedoraproject.org/f26

With such a change I could do something like:

# atomic install --system registry.fedoraproject.org/latest/etcd

and keep using "atomic pull && atomic containers update etcd" to keep the container updated without worrying that the latest version will be in a different namespace at some point.

Another advantage of such change is that it will make easier to use images from the Fedora registry onto other systems (such as RHEL or CentOS) where it is not immediate to know what is last version of Fedora available and how to get the most updated version of an image.

This won't break current use cases, as the namespaced images will still exist.

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Many users likely don't care so much what the underlying Fedora version is as long as they know it's updated. For instance, if you are running Fedora 25 and one or more of your containers is Fedora 26 based, that's fine. The important bit is it is the latest released version of said image.

If the user does care for some reason then they continue to be free to pin to an image base using a specific Fedora release.

Yeah, this is actually what I wanted the design to be all along, but I foolishly used "24" and "26" as examples for an Apache stream with versions 2.4 and 2.6, and that got confused into f24 and f26, and by the time I realized what was going on this had become the plan. :)

Maybe we just should make the container registry reflect branches in dist-git and take generous advantage of arbitrary branching in the container namespace?

registry.fedoraproject.org/latest -> registry.fedoraproject.org/f26

I'm +1 to something like this as well. I believe openshift-ansible would like to use our etcd but they would like to reference an image that will continue to work over time

yes, the openshift installer is exactly where I started to have problems with the current naming of Fedora images. With system containers the container could still be updated when a new version comes up with "--rebase registry.fedoraproject.org/(N+1)/etcd" but we will still have the problem to detect the last version when not running on Fedora.


I'm on board with this and would be happy to implement the needed change to the container release scripts if that would be desired


This seems like a no brainer since it would be extending and enhancing the functionality of the Fedora registry.

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@puiterwijk was kind enough to implement this. Marking as closed.

Trying to pull repository registry.fedoraproject.org/latest/etcd ... 
sha256:a370ba01d9c3038c451ea1985447e7543fa55d12c9d7e674e85ad86784df8fca: Pulling from registry.fedoraproject.org/latest/etcd

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Is this enabled for every repository? (it doesn't work for some images I maintain)

What is the way to opt-in?

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