#375 Article for F27: The new Atomic Workstation
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Since we're now offering regular updates for Atomic Workstation, it's time for a detailed blog post about installing it and running it. Maybe even a series.

Ideal would be a summary article in Fedora Magazine, and a detailed series over time on the Atomic blog.

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4 years ago

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4 years ago

one thing about this article. we should definitely consider cross posting this with the fedora magazine as there are a lot of audience there that are probably not in the atomic spaces.

@pfrields - WDYT?

:thumbsup: YES! I would love to have such an article. @puiterwijk and I discussed it some time ago but he's simply not had the cycles for it. If someone else could run with the idea that would be fantastic.

Will write that and then formalize as I'm getting to know it for my two talks. (There's a lesson to be learnt here about submitting talk topics before you know what you're talking about but I can't quite pinpoint it...)

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4 years ago

@sanja Do we already have a Fedora Magazine article about Fedora Atomic Workstation or any plan to write one?

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