#364 Article for F27: Running Fedora images on Microsoft Azure
Opened 4 years ago by dustymabe. Modified 4 years ago

We have done some work to get our images booting properly on MSFT azure. Brent has volunteered to write a blog post (draft here). We'll try to publish this on fed mag.

I'll work with fedmag team to get this published.

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Here is the email thread to the fedora magazine team requesting we send this out around release time.

@baude what's the status on the article?

@baude Any update on this article?
With few modifications, I think it should be possible to have this article published with respect to Fedora 28 AH.

hey @sinnykumari if he doesn't respond or doesn't have cycles to pick up the article we might have someone else pick it up and push it over the finish line.

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