#36 Coordinate F21 / fedora next website
Closed None Opened 8 years ago by mattdm.

'''Summary:''' Since we are now one of the three top level artifacts Fedora produces, we want to emphasize our unique niche. Updated website with new flashier branding, plus tools for selecting different images for different use cases

'''Importance:''' vital (it's basically part of the whole exercise)

'''Timeframe:''' F21 release / arguably, having the web site up ''is'' the release. And it'd be nice to have earlier, like at the alpha and beta

'''Fedora Sub-Project/SIG:''' Websites

'''Cloud SIG owner:''' Joe Brockmeier


Joe, if you want to track things in this ticket, it's here to use; otherwise it's okay to close it as redundant with the one in the websites team tracker.

I'll try to keep this updated so we can more easily track things, even if it is slightly redundant. Also added myself to CC on the other one.

We need to get this information updated for the web sites team as F21 alpha approaches.

To be updated in ~2 weeks from now due to flock.

Submitted a patch today to remove the 32-bit download section and made a few clarifications/language changes. (See the related ticket: https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-websites/ticket/267#comment:25)

I think this is pretty much under control, certainly not something we need for meeting discussion. Closing.

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