#358 Article For F27: Cockpit on F27
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Article Title: Managing Fedora 27 Atomic with Cockpit

Deadline: December 1

Publication: Project Atomic Blog OR Fedora Community Blog

Priority: Nice To Have

Would be great to have a blog post, with pictures/videos, showing how to manage some of Atomic's particular capabilities (containers, ostree layers, etc.) with the latest Cockpit.

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I started to poke around in this space and found a kind of glaring issue with the management of containers in Cockpit:


You can't pull images from non-docker.io registries from the Cockpit interface.

In terms of showcasing the ability to manage containers via Cockpit, this is kind of a big deal.

I can continue to work on the blog post, but I think it might be worthwhile to delay the publication until that issue gets addressed.


Ideas are being discussed in the github issue.

Since there is work that needs to be done in the project for this blog post to be written we've decided to close this issue and revisit in the Fedora 28 timeframe.

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