#342 Urgent: need talking points for F27 beta Atomic Host
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Knock on wood, the beta is getting signed-off on tomorrow. I'll need to get a press release and the Fedora announcement ready. What do we want to say about Atomic Host?

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FYI: F26 talking points are here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_26_talking_points#Fedora_Atomic

We should mention something about the change to the storage layout. From what I remember we now just configure overlay2 on your root filesystem (on LVM by default) and do not set up separate storage (i.e. separate LV) for docker.

What about versions of Kubernetes & Docker? Also what about other tools like buildah etc.? What are we shipping?

Particularly since it's the beta, we should call out anything we want people to test to make sure is working when we flip to F27 base at GA.

In addition of course to anything new and exciting.

Ideas, as changes since 26:

  • New system containers for Kubernetes, Docker, and OpenShift, allowing you to install the version you want.
  • By default, installs one big volume with OverlayFS2, instead of requiring partitioning for containers.
  • Local rpm-ostree layering for ad-hoc or single-system package install.


A. Have we switched to a single OSTree for rolling upgrade?
B. Is built-in Kubernetes still there?
C. What versions of what things are installed?

Thanks @jberkus. Are the system containers in FLIBS or somewhere else? How would one enable them? Is the OpenShift version Origin 3.6?

That's awesome. Thanks dusty -- that will definitely do. If there's more polish for this by final, so much the better.

closing this ticket since beta is finalized.

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