#34 External need: batched updates
Closed None Opened 8 years ago by mattdm.

'''Summary:''' We want to produce updated images on a monthly cadence. It would be nice if we could produce those from QA'd bunches of packages.

'''Importance:''' moderate (it will be hard to implement image refresh without this, but we could do it)

'''Timeframe:''' F21 release + 1 month / Obviously better if we get things lined up earlier

'''Fedora Sub-Project/SIG:''' Primarily QA, but Rel Eng and Infrastructure too. This is pretty big.
Cloud SIG owner:''' TBD (this probably needs someone actively contributing to initial and ongoing work)

See the related Change proposal "(A)Periodic Updates to the Images"


What's this ticket about? We need an owner for this — someone to drive it forward.

Closing this ticket as part of trac clean up process. If you want to reopen, please reopen it after we move to pagure.io as atomic-wg.

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