#33 File F21 change: use %license for cloud image packages
Closed None Opened 7 years ago by mattdm.

See https://fedorahosted.org/fpc/ticket/411 (the first part of which I am repeating here):


  1. Right now, license files are required to be marked as %doc files.
  2. There has long been a "nodocs" parameter to RPM which skips all doc files.
  3. In addition to the desired space-savings, this installs packages without their possibly-mandatory license files

This interaction hasn't been problematic before, because generally using nodocs is an endpoint choice with no distribution after that. But now, we are looking at building some official cloud and container images with nodocs, so it suddenly becomes important.

As a bonus, it's my understanding that this tag can automatically handle hardlinking identical license files.

Specifically, I propose:

  1. We change the guidelines
  2. We start doing it for new packages
  3. We file a F21 system-wide change for a proven packager to change all the packages that land in the cloud image for F21 (roughly, @core + dependencies plus a few extras)
  4. We file a system-wide change for F22 to update all other packages which are part of the base design
  5. Other packages updated on a as-time-permits/best-effort basis


IMHO it makes sense to have this distribution wide; it's not specific to cloud at all.
Nevertheless, I really like the idea. This is a process, not necessarily required to be completed at a specific point of time.

Why don't we propose a badge for this and let users submit patches to specs?

I agree -- distro wide is the goal. Cloud is just the first pass because I think we're the first case where we as a project want to distribute stuff with nodocs. (At least the docker images.)

spot has volunteered to do the updates to at least some of the packages using provenpackager privs, which makes sense for a basic bulk change like this, I think. But if we can get other people doing it on their own packages, even better.

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