#311 RFE: availability of rawhide containers within the fedora container registry
Opened 6 years ago by dustymabe. Modified 6 years ago

You can build a rawhide rpm and users will get it in an update in a short amount of time (if they are following rawhide). This allows people to use things and give feedback early without having to build things themselves in order to test things out. It would be great if we can get rawhide container images delivered to the registry in much the same way.

I've been told that this will be much easier to do once @maxamillion has everything automated more. It is understood that this ask is really on enabled by that automation. It is not a request for @maxamillion to do more manual work.

Metadata Update from @dustymabe:
- Issue assigned to maxamillion
- Issue tagged with: blocked, containers, releng

6 years ago

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