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We're trying to balance the pros/cons of trying to have both kubernetes and origin in Fedora (see thread here. We're trying to find a group of people interested in helping us maintain kubernetes within Fedora. This includes maintaining the rpm, fielding bug reports, making sure docs stay up to date, and trying to make sure upgrades work.

From our preliminary discussion i know a few people:

Can we get other people who are interested in helping out add their name to this issue?

i will talk to few people that i know and see if they are interested

I have already helped and will continue to.

  • Added kubeadm to the main kube package
  • Added CNI package.

I can help too, if needed. The kubernetes packaging is already done and Jan and Tim are maintaining it. I figure most of the work would be around modifications/validation when there are new major upstream releases.

I am interested in kubernetes, please let me in.

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@sjenning well, we have to repackage based on Fedora or centOS base images with each Kubeadm release, so that's some ongoing work. There's also a bunch of other config stuff which doesn't currently work "out of the box" and would be nice to make work.

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@jberkus @dustymabe
Can we have a list of working items to get things going?

1.7 is out, so we can start working on it. I could give @jchaloup a hand. Especially on testing.

If we put kube 1.7 in updates testing would be nice.

@dustymabe @jberkus i can deploy latest kube on fedora atomics and watch out for bugs

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ok - what I'd like to do is offer up some suggestions on how the people in this group would like to collaborate with each other as well as with the rest of Fedora (including the atomic working group).

  • do we create a new issue tracker/mailing list ?
  • do we piggy back on the atomic working group? - the worry here is that there is low signal to noise ratio and people that only care about kube will ignore/miss important messages.
  • do we do some hybrid?

Please help by adding your input.

can we get a response from the people in this group for the above question?

also this update needs some testing/karma: https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2017-48014f1cad

I think we use atomic_wg pagure for issues, and tag stuff with [kube]?

I think we use atomic_wg pagure for issues, and tag stuff with [kube]?

I think we use atomic_wg pagure for issues, and tag stuff with [kube]?

We do already have a k8s label, but I don't think that really helps people that are only interested in kubernetes stuff get just those notifications. AFAIK you can't watch a repository and only get notified when issues with a certain label (configurable by you) are updated.

Ah, limitations of pagure.

So, two solutions:

(1) we create an atomic_k8s repo
(2) we ask folks to subscribe to the mailing list for automated notifications and filter by tags using their mail filters.

I'm pretty sure I know the answer already, but @jchaloup @tstclair @dimtheo @sjenning @suiwenfeng can you comment on what you'd prefer?

I don't mind subscribing/filtering from the mailing list. I'm not sure what creating an atomic_k8s repo would mean. I'm not very familiar with Pagure yet.

I think s/atomic_k8s/atomic-kubernetes/ is the easiest and I would say best option.

atomic-wg is a working group and the above group of people is interested in a specific subject. Let's go then for a new repo. People subscribed will receive notifications plus all information will be there for people maybe interested but not engaged that much.

Final thought, I would even go for a repo named kubernetes or kubernetes-wg.

I'm not sure what creating an atomic_k8s repo would mean.

It just means there is a separate issue tracker and you can get notifications only for kubernetes issues. This means less noise for people who don't care about anything other than kubernetes. I'm essentially trying to keep the people who care about kubernetes focused on that so that we hopefully have more engagement than we've had in the past.

Final thought, I would even go for a repo named kubernetes or kubernetes-wg.

i'm thinking kubernetes-sig or fedora-kubernetes-sig, because it is a special interest group.

kubernetes-sig sounds great, let's not add fedora we like centos too :)

new repo created: https://pagure.io/atomic/kubernetes-sig - please subscribe to that repo and let's get to work :)

Hey all, just thought I'd add that I'm interested in helping use and test k8s on Fedora. Still getting introduced to everything, but this is definitely something I'm interested in helping with where possible! I'm subscribed to the kubernetes-sig repo now.

closing this since we now have a pagure issue tracker for this: https://pagure.io/atomic/kubernetes-sig

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