#269 fedimg: don't use 'builder' instance for uploading AMIs
Opened 3 years ago by dustymabe. Modified 3 years ago

we hit an issue yesterday because fedimg failed upload all of our AMIs for that day's build of FAH.

This is most likely due to the fact that we use a builder instance to pull the cloud disk image and then create the EBS. Bringing up the builder instance can fail (commodity hardware in EC2) and thus can lead to situations like this. It would be much better if we don't use a builder instance.

This is being worked on in https://github.com/fedora-infra/fedimg/issues/42.

This ticket will track that work that is 'two weeks away' from completion.

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- Issue assigned to sayanchowdhury
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3 years ago

I have been testing autocloudreporter (it's working fine), but have hit a issue where I need to make some minor changes to resultdb_conventions.

I need to add a class that would be handling the messages for AMIs. Right now, The FedoraImageResult handles the autocloud compose test messages.

Metadata Update from @dustymabe:
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3 years ago

@sayanchowdhury is still working on the snapshots being public issue - will continue work on this after that is resolved.

Things are looking good in dev, except for the fedmsg messages the the fedimg sends.

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