#26 File F21 change: Docker Container Image
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'''Summary:''' This is Fedora running inside Docker. Currently, there are non-official images in the docker index, but we'd like them to really come out of release engineering.

'''Importance:''' nice to have (The unofficial image situation is not ideal. Plus, this is an area where we can show leadership.)

'''Timeframe:''' F21 alpha / If it's not ready for alpha, we have missed this release

'''Scope:''' self-contained

'''Cloud SIG owner:''' lsm5


Elements of this:

  1. get the support into koji for making images (currently there as an imagefactory plugin)
  2. if necessary, update to $SOMENEWTHING - Stephen Tweedie is working on an rpm specfile-based method
  3. release engineering scripts to build images nightly as with regular cloud images
  4. release engineering scripts and process to get these images into the docker registry (will require some collaboration with docker.io people)

Reassigning to Lokesh.

Also note: Dennis Gilmore from release engineering said he will be a co-owner so this can be a self-contained change.

closing ticket as this is ready for wrangler

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