#248 Container Guidelines: Layered Images used as a base for other Layered Builds
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I think the container guidelines should include a section about the Layered
Images used as a base for other Layered Builds. I've created an updated
draft that also fixes label names to use the lower-case convention:


Now I realized it should be Container:Guidelines, because it updates https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Container:Guidelines.. so the link is misleading a bit..

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In general, the text seems fine, with a few fixes for labels we changed, etc.

@maxamillion , what would the actual FROM line look like?

FYI, I have images like this now:


FROM registry.fedoraproject.org/f25/kubernetes-master:latest

@maxamillion so tha tis the accepted way and we can only use base images that are provided in the fedora registry? If so can we close this ticket?

We can use any image in the Fedora registry as a base image. So if that's what you mean, then yes. (I'm not sure I understand completely so I wanted to clarify)

What about the labels variant? The Fedora guidelines still use BZComponent or Architecture, while the Fedora OSBS is currently fine with the newer variant com.redhat.component or architecture.. Is it possible to change the guidelines, so we don't have many images with obsolete variants?

Similarly with the uppercase first letters in labels (Name, Version, Release...). Are these really required to be uppercase or should the doc be updated?

Thanks for the quick turn-around, it looks like resolved now.

@hhorak - can you summarize the resolution and then I'll close this ticket? - thanks

In the Cloud WG meeting on 12-Apr-2017, we discussed closing this ticket.

Based on my read of the comments and the current version of the Container Guidelines we have addressed all concerns:
- the Container Guidelines have been updated with examples on how to use base images and layered images in the FROM line
- the Guidelines show labels using lower-case convention

If there are other issues that need to be addressed, please open a separate ticket for them.

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3 years ago

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