#180 Future of Fedora Dockerfiles
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We need to decide what is going to happen with the Fedora-Dockerfiles repo located here:


Right now I don't have enough time to maintain these properly. According to these messages:


and this one:


Looks like the direction is to deprecate Fedora-Dockerfiles. This also impacts all of the images on:


Where fedora/apache has > 1 million pulls, the rest are in the thousands and lower.

So, we just need to decide, support this as a Fedora project and find a co-maintainer, or shut this down? If we shut it down, I'd like to know what the transition strategy is for moving to dist-git so I can add a message to the repo as a redirect. FWIW, I'm in favor of closing it down if the barrier to entry to dist-git isn't to high. Just looking to get final word here.

dist-git won't allow for pull requests, will it?

dist-git won't allow for pull requests, will it?

Not sure, @maxamillion ?

If I understand the question -- we are working on fronting dist-git with Pagure. By spring it would hopefully allow for PRs on dist-git, helping maintainers collaborate more easily for a bunch of common use cases.

@pfrields That's it, thanks -- losing PRs is the main thing I'd miss about the current Fedora-Dockerfiles going away. It'll be awesome to have pagure fronting dist-git.

Where fedora/apache has > 1 million pulls,

Once we've transitioned to the new system, let's make sure we don't lose this — we need a plan to get the images from the new build system to the docker hub somehow.

Per the Fedora Cloud meeting: https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-1/2016-11-23/fedora_atomic_working_group.2016-11-23-17.03.log.html

We agreed that I will post on the Fedora-Dockerfiles repo that we are going to stop accepting new PRs and that once @maxamillion gives us the go ahead with a good stable docs link and FESco approved policy, I'll link to that. Looks like it should be around 2 weeks.

note was added to the main Fedora-Dockerfiles github repo README to notify contributors that the repo is no longer maintained.

note is added to the repo and we have started converting popular ones to go through the fedora container review process. closing this

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