#170 Finish new Fedora Atomic PRD
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At Flock, we started but did not finish a revised Cloud PRD.

This needs to be finished. Not sure who to assign this to.

If we have any part-written document, can we put it somewhere to work on?

That's a good point. There was two sections done at Flock. However, I don't know who has copies of those. MattDM? Kushal?

I don't. Someone was taking notes but I'm not sure where.

The existing PRD is at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Cloud/Cloud_PRD

It also might be interesting to look at this nifty logic model tool, and Fedora Server's example there:

So I've polled all of the attendees I could find at that session, and apparently nobody took down the two sections we did on the cloud PRD, so those are lost.

So, starting over here: https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/fedora_cloud_PRD

@mattdm I was trying to use kolinar for this, but it won't let me log in; the OpenID login gets a 404 error. Is there some way I can get access to this tool?

@jberkus I suspect it's related to the FAS change to use kerberos. Maybe someone from the infra team can help.

@jberkus Whatever was wrong before seems fixed now.

Before we hit F26 branch, we should really nail down what the Atomic PRD is and get some documentation around it. This was brought up in the last QA meeting [0]. I think it'd be really helpful for those who aren't knee deep in Atomic to better understand what we're trying to accomplish.

[0] https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/teams/fedora-qa/fedora-qa.2017-02-13-16.00.html

I'm taking a look at what was on the EtherPad, add anything I see and then throw a draft up on the wiki so we can vote tomorrow on it.

Sound good?

Roshi: more work is needed, particularly on the Use Case text, which is fairly outdated.


Some notes to discuss for the meeting:

  • Update Feature about Fedora Collection of packages to speak to Fedora curated containers
  • Review the Requirements section, I don't think we need (or at least need to edit):
    -- #1 Reducing Image footprint: This should be moved over to something under Cloud SIG since the Atomic WG no longer works on the cloud image.
    -- #4 Software Stacks: This will now be delivered via Fedora curated containers, so this needs to be updated to reflect that.
    -- #5 Integration with Server Roles: I don't foresee any reason to keep this as a goal for the Atomic image.
    -- #6 Tools for Image Creation: We could update this to be Tools for Container creation for when we support other container backends. Or we can get rid of the whole thing since it doesn't really apply to Atomic, AIUI.
  • We should change mentions of the Cloud SIG to be the Atomic WG. Should the mailing list at the end of the document be atomic-devel@ or stick with cloud@ ?

So we had a working session on Wednesday and changed the etherpad quite a bit. Are we pretty much done with it now? Can we give it a final pass and then a "ok" for moving it to the Wiki?

Updated it on the Wiki [0], closing the ticket :)

Thanks everyone!

[0] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Atomic/PRD

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