#17 File F21 change: Move to ImageFactory For image Creation
Closed None Opened 7 years ago by mattdm.

'''Summary:''' Create images using Anaconda in Koji rather than appliance-creator. Allows non-scratch builds with fedmsg integration for upload service, and also could produce official Docker images.

'''Importance:''' vital (basic image creation is nice-to-have, fedmsg integration is important to automation, and producing Docker images is strategically vital)

'''Timeframe:''' at least a month lead time before F21 alpha / If we are going to release images made this way, we need them made that way for early testing, and there will be some porting work to the kickstart

'''Scope:''' self-contained (work with Rel Eng)

'''Cloud SIG owner:''' mattdm

Note that this relates to ticket #13 (that's a subset of the work necessary)


FTR dgilmore said he'd be a co-owner of this. And I can be too, for the kickstart changes.

Marking this as resolved since change is filed. We can open new tickets to track actual work as needed.

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