#169 Spec for IRC bot to notify about blockers
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One of the issues we have with release blockers is slow response by the fedora-cloud WG. As that group is very IRC-centric, we'd like to have some form of notification via IRC when a release blocker is encountered.

Here's a draft spec, please revise:

  1. whenever a release blocker issue is filed or updated, a message will be sent via bot to the #fedora-cloud channel;

  2. the /topic of #fedora-cloud will be updated with a list of release-blocker issues once a day.

Questions: how do we identify release-blocker issues?

This relates to issue https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/ticket/167

Well, there's no straightforward way to identify 'cloud release blockers'; we do not segment them by product in any way.

Blocker bugs are handled with tracker bugs in Bugzilla. Three trackers are filed for each release: one for Alpha, one for Beta, one for Final. They are given standard aliases: F(rel)AlphaBlocker , F(rel)BetaBlocker, F(rel)FinalBlocker , where (rel) is the release number. So currently we have F25AlphaBlocker, F25BetaBlocker, and F25FinalBlocker.

Any bug blocking one of those trackers is either a proposed or an accepted blocker. If it has 'AcceptedBlocker', 'Accepted0Day' or 'AcceptedPreviousRelease' in its whiteboard field, it's an accepted blocker. If it does not, it's a proposed blocker.

There's a webapp called 'blockerbugs' - https://qa.fedoraproject.org/blockerbugs - which we (QA) use for convenience in dealing with blockers. It handles a lot of the work of identifying blockers for upcoming cycles. Off the top of my head I don't know if it has an API, and I also don't know if anything sends out fedmsg's for proposed / accepted blockers.

That said, "image does not exist at all because it did not build", or "image does not boot" are almost certainly going to be blockers (for any image which is itself blocking).

This is being deferred pending completion of https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/ReleaseEngineeringAutomationWorkflowEngine

It will be revisited once that's up and running.

One point came up during IRC meeting is about notification on IRC. When asked how many people read channel topic after joining in, there was no answer. We should try to keep in mind that not all times we can solve human problems by technology. I don't have a direct answer to this problem, but wanted to make sure add this though in the issue.

I wasn't thinking that topic would be the primary method of communication.

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roshi wanted to take a look at this. removing from meeting agenda for now

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