#16 rename cloud spin kickstart to distinguish the cloud base image
Closed None Opened 7 years ago by mattdm.

I have been calling the new general purpose cloud image "Fedora Cloud Base" to distinguish it from the Docker image, the Big Data image, and a potential OpenShift image (if that turns out to not be the Docker one.)

I propose we officially call the general-purpose cloud image (currently, the only one) "Fedora Cloud Base". And I'm tagging this with the meeting keyword for ratification.

One behind-the-scenes complication is that the spins process involves assembling kickstart fragments, one of which is suffixed with "-base.ks" already, so there is a "cloud-image-base.ks", which would presumably became "cloud-base-base.ks", which is... awesome? silly? One of those.

So I think we agreed on the name ("Fedora Cloud Base") for the image at the meeting just now.

Regarding the kickstart file, I asked for clarification why two (i.e. cloud-base-base.ks and cloud-base.ks) are necessary. My impression was that we'd just have cloud-base.ks which would have two purposes:
- Create the Fedora Cloud Base image (what I think mattdm called fedora-base.ks above)
- Be %include'd in all other (except maybe leading-edge Docker/Atomic) ks/images (what I think mattdm called fedora-base-base.ks above)

So why is there a need for two separate ks files?

this looks like it's done

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