#154 make Fedora Atomic download page clearer
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The Fedora Atomic Host Download page is confusing to users. I'd like to make some changes making it clearer what to download and why, including:

  • The ISO images should be a main option, not a link in the sidebar
  • The qcow2 images, not the raw images, should say "if you're not sure what to use, use this".
  • Each download option should have a link to the specific docs for installing that kind of download (will wait on new Atomic Host docs, though)

Also, it would be great if we could list on the download page somewhere what date the images are from for each 2-week build.

In the Fedora Cloud meeting (on 2016-04-27) we decided that we should move the download link to the ISO images into the main page along with qcow2 and other images.

Because of pending changes in our primary deliverables, this issue is going to be postponed until we decide what those are. At that time, we can move on a new design.

Now that the downloads page is back up, I'll recommend some minor changes. Major changes will come when we change the primary deliverables.

This is going to need to be reworked for F25. After next week let's sit down and apply your sketch to the new pages.

@jberkus - now we can propose new changes to the F25 page. please schedule some time for interested parties to get together and go over your proposed changes.

Should we update Josh's wiki page above or put proposals here?

I would say update the wiki page, but whatever works.

I have two small ones.

First, I think the freshness indicator is not visible enough in the top bar. Maybe that's just me. I guess, for one thing, it's easy to gloss over header-section text, but also, there's no indication that that's a dynamic value. What about changing "Produced N days ago" to "Produced N days ago, on YYYY-MM-DD" (or whatever internationalized date format the web team prefers)?

Second, it currently says "1 days ago". I'd love that to be properly special-cased to "1 day ago", or even better, "yesterday". And "0 days ago" could be "today" or "fresh for you just today!"

I think we should close this issue unless there are any outstanding issues.

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