#149 Include nano or joe editors in Atomic Host base image
Opened 3 years ago by jberkus. Modified 3 years ago

The way it is now:

Only one text editor is included in Fedora Atomic Host, vi. As quite a bit of text file editing is required to get a usable atomic host (working on that), this is unfriendly to new users who may have crossed over from the Windows or Mac worlds.

The way it should be:

We should include one minimal, newbie-friendly text editor in the base image, such as "nano" or "joe".

I am aware that we are trying to minimize the size of the Atomic Host images. However, we're talking here about a few dozen kB.

Why can't this be handled by editors in images?

If we can then have "aliases" which would run a container with the editor whenever user would run

$ nano /etc/the-config-file

that would both encourage people to do more production utility images, and provide people with usual user experience.

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