#134 Clarify the status and process of https://github.com/fedora-cloud/docker-brew-fedora
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there is https://github.com/fedora-cloud/docker-brew-fedora with Issues enabled.

People file issues with Fedora docker images but they don't seem to be actively acknowledged or fixed.

Its README.md describes workflow for commits but not for reporting and fixing issues.

It looks like https://git.fedorahosted.org/cgit/spin-kickstarts.git/ might actually be the primary source of data that lands in https://github.com/fedora-cloud/docker-brew-fedora and eventually in the registry.

But when I asked in https://fedorahosted.org/spin-kickstarts/ticket/51 for the path to reporting and fixing issues to be clarified, it was rejected.

So I try here -- could the issues at https://github.com/fedora-cloud/docker-brew-fedora/issues either be acted upon, or the Issues functionality disabled? Also updating either the description or README.md with clear instruction about reporting issues with Fedora docker images would be helpful.

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