#110 Make NFS file sync work with Vagrant seamlessly
Closed None Opened 7 years ago by rtnpro.


  1. Vagrant 1.7.2 does not identify proper flavor for Fedora, so, during starting NFS client services in a Fedora guest, it fails. This issue seems to have been fixed in Vagrant's master branch. We need to patch the current RPM package for vagrant with the fixes.

  2. By default vagrant guest OS tries to communicate to NFS server in the host Fedora box using NFS v3 and it fails. It works correctly if we explicitly ask vagrant to use NFS v4 using nfs_version: 4. This needs to be documented for Fedora properly.

  3. The biggest obstacle is mapping UID, GID from host OS to guest OS for NFS 'all_squash' option to work. For example, in my host OS,the UID and GID for my user is 1000, while that of vagrant's in the guest OS is 1001. I am not sure what's the right way to fix it. Use some provisioning scripts to configure the box on the fly?

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