#108 Text for cloud product on getfedora.org and marketing in general
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Thanks for opening the ticket, Kushal. I should've done this in the first place.

The Ambassadors are discussing what kind of marketing collateral makes sense at events on their mailing list. What does the Cloud WG think? Is a flyer a good item to give out for this product? Would you prefer something else instead?

I'd be happy if the WG could think about this, and I can take their views to the other teams that create the marketing collateral and work on them.


Hi Ankur,

number80 is going to write up some text for the flyer and post the text (or a link) back here. Once he is done if you want to take that and get it into the template that would be great. If you need help with getting it in the template ping me back here and I will try to help.


That'd be great. I'll keep an eye on the ticket. Thank you.

Hey number80,

Any update on this?

No update, most of my team at $DAYJOB is in PTO :(


The design and marketing teams had a nice discussion about the flyers recently and it was agreed that we'll have "timeless" flyers for each product - "timeless" meaning that they will not be release specific.

As part of this, mizmo also suggested that we keep the text on getfedora.org and the flyers in sync for a better, more uniform marketing strategy. So, instead of coming up with text for the flyer, could I please request the cloud WG to go over the text on getfedora.org to see if they're happy with it or if they'd like to change it for F23? The flyers will then feature similar text.

The discussion thread is here: https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/marketing/2015-July/0177

The collateral plan is here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Ankursinha/Marketing_Collateral


Has there been any update on this? The server and workstation SIGs have given their feedback and I'm just waiting for the cloud sig before getting in touch with the marketing/design teams over the next steps.


On the list, so far this looks good:
Fedora Cloud provides a minimal image of Fedora for use in public and private cloud environments. It includes just the bare essentials making it very light on resources, but you get enough to run your cloud application.
We would love to have more feedback from everyone on the above statement. If it looks fine, we will go ahead with this.

Great! I'm leaving the ticket open. I'll close it once the website has been updated.

Change has been pushed to production, see web ref.d4f4011.

Should be live in 90 minutes I guess.

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