#103 bugzilla components for base image and Atomic Host
Closed None Opened 7 years ago by walters.


shows that we really need a Bugzilla entries in Fedora for both the Docker base image and the Atomic Host.

And to define the maintainers of them.

There is currently in Bugzilla a toplevel "Atomic" product which was created a long time ago, and we still get some bugs there.

But I don't think it worked out to have Atomic as its own product for various reasons (versioning, branding, etc.)

We should create e.g.:

  • Fedora/fedora-cloud-atomic-host for the Atomic Host
  • Fedora/fedora-base-docker-image for the Docker Base image

(Other name suggestions welcome, in particular whether we should include cloud/base or just drop the WG part)

Closing this ticket as part of trac clean up process. If you want to reopen, please reopen it after we move to pagure.io as atomic-wg.

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