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= phenomenon =

We need to purchase 2 standup banners for Fedora events in Singapore.

Estimated costs: below $200USD

= reason =

None of the Fedoreans in Singapore have standup banners. These banners would be great for all kinds of events. It can be used for booths.

= recommendation =

The costs of printing one of them is estimated to be below $100 USD. So the total of 2 banners should be below $200 USD.

The 2 banners will look like the one shown on the common ops blog [1].

[1] - https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Fedora-at-BrickHack.jpg

It's best to raise this issue sooner. I can bring some standees from Vietnam (cheaper) when attending FOSSASIA.

Anyway, +1 for this. I think Singapore local ambassadors need them.
Any objections?

@tuanta I'll definitely take note of that, thanks!

Would be good to get this approved soon so that we could show it at an upcoming meetup in late April. Thanks!

Approved. Please make sure to provide valid receipts to get reimbursement.

Receipt for purchase of banners


I've attached the receipt and a photo of me with the banners. I've also updated the APAC materials list[1].

[1] - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/APAC/Materials

Banner cost: 108 SGD

Total cost: 108 * 2 = 216 SGD

216 SGD = 160.11 USD

Hi, I believe this is ready for reimbursement (paypal email is giantcrabby@gmail.com), it would be great if you could mark it as 'ready for reimbursement'. Or is there something missing?

Thanks! :)

USD 166.50 have just been transferred to your account for reimbursement of APAC ticket #227. (Reimbursement: USD 160.11, Transaction Fee: USD 6.39, Transfer Calculation: TXAMT=AMT*1.04). Thanks for your contribution to Fedora Project!

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