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ARCHIVED: Taskotron Infra (backup) files
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This is kept around for archival purposes only.

Taskotron Infra (backup) files

This is a backup of Taskotron-related infra files from Fedora Infra. With Taskotron being end of life, those infra files were removed. In case Fedora Infra repos or their history are not accessible in the future, here's a backup of (hopefully) all relevant files, in case we want to look at them in the future.

Fedora Infra Ansible

Ansible configuration from Fedora Infra Ansible.

This backup was taken from commit 4a4ac254369 (2020-04-30).

Fedora Infra Docs

Documentation from Fedora Infra Docs.

This backup was taken from commit 4fbd18a35b9f8 (2020-04-30).