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ARCHIVED: Look for non-standard situations regarding updates and check results
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This is kept around for archival purposes. It's not clear whether we'll use this project in the future.

Task Metrics

This code was designed to help get better metrics on update/task health by searching for some situations that we haven't been good about looking for over all updates in the past.

In particular, it looks for:

  • updates with negative karma after pushing
  • updates which were pushed despite check failures

Code State

The code as-is isn't horrible but it's still pretty rough. The dates need to be changed in code until a proper cli is written.

WARNING: There is some incomplete logic in parsing check results. At the moment, the output from this tool can be used as suggestions of updates to take a closer look at but should not be taken as "these updates are bad". In particular, it doesn't handle updates without 32-bit builds well.

Running Metrics

Install deps:

yum install pytest bodhi python-requests

Clone repo:

git clone https://bitbucket.org/fedoraqa/taskmetrics

Gather Metrics:

python taskmetrics/metrics.py