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ARCHIVED: Task to run new standard interface tests in Taskotron
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This is kept around for archival purposes. It's not clear whether we'll use this project in the future.


This task is meant to run new standard interface tests in Taskotron.

For now, it uses the soon-to-be-legacy taskyaml but that will change as libtaskotron starts to support Ansible natively.

Assumptions that are made:

Dependencies to run the task:

  • dnf install libtaskotron
  • An appropriate VM image to start from

To run the task, use something like:

runtask -i <build> -t koji_build runtask.yml

Detailed steps for running a set of package tests using this shim

Note: Since running this shim manually will run the package test playbook locally in "classic" mode, you'll likely want to do so on a disposable VM that you "snapshot" just before running the tests so you can easily recover from whatever the tests may do to your local system!

  1. Install the libtaskotron package on your system:

    $ sudo dnf install libtaskotron
  2. Clone this repo to your system and make it your current directory:

    $ git clone https://pagure.io/taskotron/task-standard-interface-shim.git
    $ cd task-standard-interface-shim
  3. Locate a recent Koji build for the package for which you want to run tests.

    1. Browse to: http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/search?type=package&match=glob
    2. Search for your package name. For example, "sed".
    3. Identify the package build you want tested. You'll want to pick one with a suffix that matches the OS release of your test machine, and most likely the most recent build. Make a note of that Koji build NVR. For example, "sed-4.4-1.fc26".
  4. Use libtaskotron's runtask command to run the shim task, providing it with the NVR of the Koji build identified in the previous step. For example:

    $ sudo runtask -i sed-4.4-1.fc26 -t koji_build runtask.yml
  5. That's it! The task will install the required packages for the standard test interface and run the tests locally. The last line of the output will tell you the location of the test artifacts directory. For example, /var/lib/taskotron/artifacts/20170914_182657_474165.