Taskotron Task: rpmlint

This is a task for Taskotron. It runs rpmlint on all RPMs from a specified Koji build and reports the results.

While it can be run standalone, it is designed to be executed by the Taskotron.

Running the task locally

Execute the following command as root (don't do this on a production machine!):

$ ansible-playbook tests.yml -e taskotron_item=<NVR>

and replace <NVR> with a Koji build NVR.

For example:

$ ansible-playbook tests.yml -e taskotron_item=htop-2.0.2-4.fc27

You can see the results in ./artifacts/ directory.

Running the task through libtaskotron

runtask --item htop-2.0.2-4.fc27 --type koji_build task-rpmlint/

Don't forget to use --ssh or --libvirt, otherwise you need to run this as root (not recommended).