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Taskotron task that builds docker images on pagure git commit
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Kamil Páral committed 8 months ago

A task that builds and pushes docker containers

If the repo/commit in question contain a Dockerfile, .taskotron_task_dockerbuild.json file, and login/password is provided from Vault, then a docker container is built based on the commit and pushed.

The .taskotron_task_dockerbuild.json file looks like this:

   "docker_project_name": "resultsdb",
   "docker_credentials_bucket_uuid": "1e77148e-64ab-11e8-8f59-525400ee7c53",
   "release_branch": "master"

The images are docker-tagged like this:


docker_project_name is the $PROJECT release_branch is replaced with latest for the purpose of tagging docker_credentials_bucket_uuid is the UUID of Vault provided bucket containing the credentials

The Vault bucket has to provide dockerhub_login and dockerhub_password keys.