This is kept around for archival purposes. It's not clear whether we'll use this project in the future.

Docker Autotest for Taskotron

This is a task for libtaskotron which runs the suite of tests from Docker Autotest.

Running The Task

Use libtaskotron >= 0.4.8 for best results. You may need to tweak the configuration to make sure that the disposable client is large enough and using the correct image but full disposable clients aren't required.

To run with disposable clients:

python --libvirt -i docker-1.10.3-9.git667d6d1.fc24 -t koji_build runtask.yml

Remaining TODO

While this task does accomplish basic running of the Docker Autotest suite, more work will be needed to make sure that results are being reported optimally and the task is being run against the correct input.